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The Willow Partnership, Kingwood Texas, Kingwood Psychologist

 A safe and secure place
for your heart, mind + soul.


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At The Willow Partnership, we offer both in-person and virtual sessions. Please contact to schedule your initial 90-minute intake appointment.

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Individual therapy is a wonderful opportunity to process your thoughts, feelings, and memories with someone who is highly trained in providing support, guidance, and any necessary treatment and who is not a part of your everyday life.

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As parents and caregivers, just as we look to medical professionals for assistance in our children's physical health, seeking the support and guidance of a mental health professional is just as important.  

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On average, it takes couples 6 years to enter therapy after first noticing problems within the relationship.  Couples therapy can help partners navigate a wide range of concerns, from simple tune-ups of the friendship system to affair recovery, and all points in between.

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It's the nature of humans to need connection, belonging, and to feel understood. When navigating major stressors, mental health difficulties, or major life transitions, the opportunity to be around supportive others who can relate to your experiences is very healing.

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Family therapy services offer the opportunity to work with a trained clinician who can take a “birds eye view” of those struggles and offer expert support and guidance in navigating those difficult times.

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Assessment services offer diagnostic clarity to individuals, families, and providers.  The insight gained from the assessment process can help clarify treatment goals and appropriate recommendations for treatment services. 

Our Mission

The Willow Partnership Mission Statement
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"The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination."

- Carl R. Rogers

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